Avoid These Web Design Mistakes and Boost Conversion Rates

The web design and layout of every page on your website has direct effect on the conversion rates and by improving it, you can easily generate more sales. However, it seems that the vast majority of websites simply does not follow this rule and have most of their traffic go down the drain!

What makes GREAT web design?

Since every web design project is rather personalised, it’s hard to give definition of successful website design in general. The main thing you should look out for is how your visitors browse your website and how they feel about its design, navigation and content quality.

Nowadays, good web design is all about providing high quality user experience and allowing every visitor on your website to find what he is looking for with just a few clicks. Furthermore, adding value to every visit with well-researched and organised content, will keep your visitors coming back every time they need information you have.

Common Homepage Web Design Mistakes

Your website’s home page is often the first page your visitors see when they open your website and its main purpose is to take them to the page where they could convert. If the homepage is not properly designed, contains messy navigation and is written poorly, most of your visitors wouldn’t bother visiting your conversion page. Here are some well-known homepage web design mistakes to avoid:

Avoid Sliders

Although sliders seem like a great idea to showcase information about your company and products/services you are offering, they are pretty bad idea in terms of conversions.

Always bear in mind that each one of the people, who have arrived on your website is looking to find information on how to solve his problem fast and with less distractions as possible. Having a slider on the home page is definitely distracting your visitors and also quite often you can’t put long text messages.

Improve Headlines

It’s pretty common for businesses to use their home page to show off information about their brand and products/services they are offering. However, to boost conversions you need to focus on headlines that focus on problems visitors are able to solve by using your products/services.

The golden rule here is that your visitors doesn’t really care about your company or product, but about the problem they are trying to solve. Help them find it and you will improve your conversion rates by far!

Avoid Publishing Company News (Unless Your Company is Public)

It’s pretty common for business owners to publish various company news on their website and having them appear on the home page. In general this is not a bad thing, but when you consider the fact that your visitors are only looking to solve their particular problems, providing them with company news creates distraction.

I don’t say you shouldn’t publish company news on your website, just keep them away from the home page. Furthermore, try to focus on creating news that are really worth reading – many companies create “news” about everything that happens in their company and these are often not really worth your time.

Keep it Simple

If you ask your visitors what makes great user experience you are likely to get almost the same answer from each one of them – they need to find what they are looking for and they need to find it fast.

This is why simplifying your home page will provide them with less distractions and means to find exactly what they are looking for. The simpler the home page is, the more likely is for the visitors to reach your conversion pages and ultimately CONVERT.

Do not Provide Company Information

Although, it might seem like a good idea to add information about your company on the home page, this is very likely to lower your conversion rates. The reason for this is quite simple – as mentioned earlier people are only looking for means to solve their existing problem and by providing them with lots of company information you aren’t going to help them.

I don’t say you shouldn’t have anything about your company on your website, just keep it away from the homepage!

Other Common Web Design Mistakes

To help you improve your website’s design, you need to learn what elements are likely to distract your visitors and prevent them from reaching your main goal – CONVERSION. Getting understanding on the best layout and design for your website is all about measuring the impact the existing content have on the visitors.


Advertisements are great way to deliver extra income from your website, but they can also create huge distraction for your visitors and make your website look unprofessional. Furthermore, depending on the type of ads you have chosen, you might end up advertising some of your top competitors on your website!

Fonts and Spelling

Everything you write on your website must be proofread prior to publication. If you do not do that, even the smallest grammatical and spelling mistakes can have huge impact on your visitors.

When selecting suitable fonts for your website, make sure they are readable, so its highly recommended to avoid any kind of fancy fonts and additional formatting options (extra bolding and lots of underlining)! Avoid placing bright colors on bright or dark backgrounds, simply because they could give headache to your visitors. Although, using black font color on light background might seem too simple – it’s pretty much what your visitors want and most importantly it’s readable.

Complicated Navigation

Since all of your website visitors want to find what they are looking for as fast as possible, having complicated navigation with various drop-down menus means that your visitors should work on how to get to the information they are seeking.

It’s important to note that in order to improve conversion rates on your website, every visitor should find whatever he is looking for within the shortest period of time possible. Keep the navigation as clean and simple as possible, also make sure your most important pages are just 1-2 clicks away from the homepage!

Opening Links in New Windows and Pop Ups

It might be tempting to place a pop up window on your website to ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, like your Facebook page or do anything else you want them to do, but the truth is that most of the time popups are just annoying and they will close them! The same goes for opening website links in new windows.

Most online users associate pop ups and links opening in new windows as a sign of poor advertisements and spam. Avoid using these techniques at all costs or you risk to seriously damage your conversion rates!

Not Taking Advantage of Responsive Design

Nowadays, the online traffic comes not only from Desktop PCs and laptops, but from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Since these have different resolution compared to traditional personal computers, you need to either create separate versions of your website for these devices or implement responsive design, which will allow your website to automatically resize every time it’s opened from device with different resolution.

The responsive design has been around for several years now, but it’s surprising how few of the websites are actually using it! Stop missing traffic from mobile devices and act now!


If you avoid all of these web design mistakes, you will improve critical web traffic factors such as bounce rates, amount of returning visitors, pages per visit and most importantly conversions!



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