Examples and Free Creative Vector Images for Web Design

Examples and Free Creative Vector Images for Web Design

In order to design a successful website, you need to seriously think about how to add some personality to it. Creative selection of photos, icons and backgrounds will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Where to start?

Vector resources are increasingly popular when it comes to creative and innovative web design projects. Since these resources come in various shapes and forms – backgrounds, icons and illustrations, you can combine different sets to achieve maximum effect.

Before you start your quest for finding the most suitable vector illustration sets for your needs, I think it will be very helpful to see examples of creative use of such images.

Future Bristol

This website is specially created to raise awareness among people about what life with low carbon emissions looks like. What makes it different are the many beautiful illustrations that create two different interactive scenarios, which will allow Bristol to lower its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

future bristol


When it comes to interactive web design, OPResume could easily be considered the best example! They have used beautiful graphics to create an interactive background and home page of their website. OPResume is definitely one of these websites that make a lasting impression on every visitor and you can definitely learn something from their design.


Moshi Monsters

Designing websites for kids is never an easy task. Moshi Monsters managed to achieve this and offer kids an amazing experience – to adopt a pet monster and play great games together.



This is a great website if you are looking for free vector images to include in your design. You can use all of the vector images and illustrations available there to make your web design project stand out. The website is clean and easy to navigate, which is also very important nowadays.



With its cool animated background, the website of the Metropolis Center definitely makes a good impression to its visitors. The navigation of the website is also very well structured and also resembles a game menu, making it easy for the users to find what they are looking for, although some of the buttons are kind of hard to notice.


Undergrad Biola University

The website of the Biola University doesn’t resemble in any way the traditional university websites – it has awesome vector graphics that make browsing it quite the experience.


Every page on this website offers a different experience thanks to the creative use of vector graphics and photos. Take for example the blog section – there you have a slider where photos of all blog owners appear and you can choose what to read.

Where to find free vector images?

I think the examples above are enough to get your creative juices flowing and the next best thing to do is to start looking for sources of vector images (preferably free). Following is a list with some of the top sources for free vector graphics and images:


This is one of the largest databases for free vector art and currently contains more than 1 million graphics. At freepik.com you can find all the graphics and images you need to make your web design project stand out.


Packed with dozens of freebies and tutorials, fudgegraphics.com is one of the best places to search for creative vector images, brushes and various design elements that you might need for your web design project.

Brands of the World

Finding the right size of any logo that you need for your project can be quite tricky and time consuming. Thanks to websites like brandsoftheworld.com, you can save time and find the high-resolution logo of almost any company.


A website’s fonts and typography are very important, when it comes to leaving a long lasting impression. A great place to get lots of free fonts is dafont.com.

What to do next?

After finding inspiration in the several really great examples of creative vector images and also learning what the best places to find free vector graphics are, the only thing left is to design your website! Do your brainstorming, highlight your best idea and roll-up your sleeves to complete your web design project.

Making use of vector images requires something more than just image editing skills – it requires a large dose of creativity. Therefore, if you are truly trying to make a great looking website, but you don’t have the skills, it’s always best to get in touch with professionals and let them do it for you. This quite often will save you a lot of time and get you great results!

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