Logo Design

Many people do not understand how important a good logo is to their brand and their business. We feel that a good logo is invaluable as long as it is practical, simple in form but allows your intended message to be conveyed easily. Your logo should be distinctive and appropriate to your brand, put simply it is your identity.

However you do not have to have an extravagant logo, all it needs to do is match your website with the theme running throughout it. Your logo needs to be sleek but subtle and some of the most distinctive logos in the world are often the simplest ones. Your logo needs to be effective without colour because we feel that colour is secondary to the shape and form of the logo, colour is always added last.


We didn’t create the logos above


We believe that there are five basic principles to creating a good logo. As previously mentioned your logo needs to be simple so that it is easily recognised. They also need to be unique without needing to be too flamboyant. Secondly it needs to be memorable so that when it comes to logo design it is distinctive and clear allowing it to become memorable. Thirdly your logo needs to be versatile and so it needs to work on a variety of platforms and applications.

Your logo also needs to be appropriate for its purpose and it does not have to show what you are necessarily selling. For example a car logo does not always show a car, a logo is simply the identification of your brand. In fact out of the top 50 of the world’s most recognised brands 94% do not have a logo that describes what the company actually does. Lastly a good logo is always timeless enabling your logo to look just as good in ten years time as it did when it was created. We believe that longevity is the key to excellent logo design and that the theme of your logo runs through your website.

OMC Web Design can design your logo for you and enable you to have a logo that will stand the test of time. Our logo design will tell a story about your company, what you do and what you stand for. We will research your target audience and create a logo that will appeal to those who use your service, incorporating your company’s colour scheme so that a theme is created throughout.

Your logo design needs to be distinctive so trust OMC Web Design to create something simple but spectacular for your website.