Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click ConsultantsPay Per Click, or PPC as it is commonly known, is an online form of advertising that enables you to generate a fantastic stream of targeted traffic specifically to your website.  The main search engines have their own PPC advertising schemes such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and AltaVista or you can use PPC via Facebook.  As of January 2012 Google has a 93% share of the UK search engine market and if you tend to use Google regularly you will notice that there has been a shift towards paid ads taking up more and more space on their pages.  It has been reported that 45% of all users on Google cannot tell the difference between paid listings and organic listings and 64% of people go to PPC ads without even realising.  When your advert appears on the search results page it allows people to click on your advert, automatically taking them to your website.  Every time someone clicks on your advert you pay a certain fee, hence the name Pay Per Click.

PPC has so many advantages but we feel that one of the main advantages is that it is very quick to set it up.  In fact you can have your campaign working for you within just 24 hours, immediately increasing visitors to your website.  Another major plus point of PPC is that it is targeted, you choose the keywords and phrases that you want to appear under your advert, therefore the traffic that your website receives is more qualified.  You are in control of your budget and you can easily cap the amount you want to spend on a daily basis.

PPC can also be measured because you can track your adverts, allowing you to have the best return on your investment and you can also see the cost of the sale.

OMC Web Design can create the ideal PPC campaign for you and your website as part of your total Internet marketing strategy.  We can advise and help you on many aspects of PPC, such as:

  • Fully research all keywords on all Pay Per Click networks
  • Write adverts for each of your products or services
  • Manage your adverts so that they are put in the most cost effective positions
  • Initial research to determine the suitability of PPC to your business and the competition for ad placement in your relevant industry

It is vital to enlist help with PPC if you are unfamiliar with the concept and this is where we come into the equation.  It is very easy to spend money fast in regards to PPC if you don’t know what you are doing.  If proper planning is not there from the outset you can overpay for the clicks that you get or waste money on clicks that don’t actually lead to sales.  OMC Web Design can orchestrate a PPC campaign to avoid all of these pitfalls.  We have been successfully managing campaigns throughout the UK and further afield for over ten years.

We find that Google Pay Per Click, commonly known as Google AdWords, is the market leader when it comes to pay per click advertising and therefore should be your main target.  There are also other major PPC systems in place that should not be ruled out such as Yahoo Pay Per Click, also referred to as Yahoo Search Marketing.  OMC Web Design offers a range of pay per click services, to include Google AdWords Management and Yahoo Search Marketing Management to all clients.

Reasons To Choose Us?

If you employ our services for Pay Per Click advertising there are many benefits.  Pay Per Click offers so many more benefits over traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, television or radio.  Traditional print advertising means that you pay for placement whereas PPC advertising is only paid for when you have an active click onto your website.  With PPC you have much more control over your campaign and the campaign can be turned on or off in an instant.  PPC can also be fully tracked so you are consistently informed about how effective your advertising actually is.  If you want to change your PPC campaign then you can easily do so and your advertising can be immediately changed to incorporate seasonal offers, new products or special promotions.

We can get you results a lot quicker than you could yourself.  PPC can often be time consuming and so many people feel that it is too much for them to take on.  This is where we can really excel and show you how to increase revenue for your business.  We will make ongoing changes to your PPC ads, increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.  So if you want an increase in traffic to your website then we can create a tailored programme to suit your budget.  We will ensure that the right adverts are shown to the right people from the outset, minimising costs for you.  A weekly report will show how we have spent the budget, show you your click through rates, your website traffic and your conversion rates. Can your business afford not to be part of the PPC phenomenon?