Buy Sofas Online

Last year we were instructed by Buy-Sofas-Online to redevelop their website. Upon inspecting their website we found that their site was extremely limited, not only in its design but also in its functionality. Although they were an established online company their website lacked concept and vision, something which we endeavoured to bring to it in abundance via our expert team of web designers.

Once created, the new website for Buy-Sofas-Online was clean, fresh and so easy to navigate for both the back end user and the customer alike. We created a data capture function that was custom coded into the one page checkout system. This allowed the company to follow up every lead that may have been previously lost. Therefore if a customer entered basic information about himself or herself, such as name, number and email address but then for some reason clicked off the page the data would still be captured allowing the company to follow up the lead. It increases revenue that could have been subsequently lost.

For the customer, our new website allowed all information to be accessed easily. We installed one checkout page, which meant that the checkout process was streamlined. Before our input on the site the basic functions of the checkout process were not working correctly. This resulted in a bad experience for the customer and loss of revenue for the company. Once the checkout process was modified both the customer and the company benefited in terms of their shopping experience.

Since building the new website for Buy-Sofas-Online they have seen their sales increase and the hassle involved with running the site dramatically fall. The site is packed with easy to use functionality plus all of the content on the website is written by our in-house team. After our involvement the site has handcrafted content that is not only safe for SEO purposes but it also leads to a better online experience for the customer.
It is safe to say that Buy-Sofas-Online are happy with their new website as they have seen revenue increase through our expert team.