SEO Cardiff

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a very simple concept; you simply want to reach the people who need your product and services. However to get these very people to notice your website is much easier said than done. SEO works for your business in two very fundamental ways. Firstly it will increase the traffic to your website which can lead to an increase in sales. Secondly it offers you a remarkable return on your investment because whereas you are paying a modest amount each month on SEO the impact that it has is huge, far outweighing the output. Did you known that 93% of all online activities start with a search engine and over 100billion searches are made each month worldwide.

OMC web design understands all aspects of SEO and has been successfully getting our clients websites to prominent positions of Google for the past ten years. SEO is one of the major components of a website and needs to be treated accordingly, therefore we offer our clients the most pioneering SEO solutions at a price that will suit you. We understand that you need your website to rank highly on the first page of Google. Yes Bing and Yahoo do matter but Google is used by over 90% of UK residents on a regular basis, with the majority of these people searching for products and services. Old SEO tactics used just a couple of years ago would no longer be valid in today’s climate and some may even have detrimental affect on your website so you need to be sure that the company that you are paying for SEO is the most up to date with what actually works.

We use the most Google friendly tactics available, ones that are of the highest quality and the ones that will gain that much needed traffic to your website. We will focus on who your target customers are and research how the best way that we can introduce your brand to customers that have not heard about you yet.
With all of these things combined you will gain success, profitability and sustainability. A recipe for success!

The OMC SEO Team

At the OMC Web Design we have an in-house team of experts when it comes to search engine optimisation. As mentioned above we have ten years of experience in digital marketing and our bespoke SEO strategies allow us to stand out from the rest. We understand the complexities of Google’s many algorithms and have the techniques and know-how to get your website to the prominent positions on that all important first page of Google. So when the search engines change their requirements, you wont move! We guarantee to stay one step ahead, leaders of the industry. Our team thrives on getting results for our clients and we can work alongside you once we have got you started, helping with complex content marketing strategies and so forth.

The team can hand-code your website from the outset, optimising your site for the correct keywords for your brand, enabling you to achieve your goal.

On Hand When You Need Us Most

SEO is an on-going process because the rules change on a regular basis, in 2010 alone Google made over 500 changes to its algorithms. As well as these changes made by Google, your competitors will also optimising their websites so you always need to be one step ahead. We have the ability to keep you this one step ahead at all times, we can implement changes to your website so that you always maintain high page rankings and keep your website were you want it to be, prominent positions on Google for lots of search terms.