Web Design Agency vs Freelance Web Designers – How to Choose?

Nowadays, the design of your website is crucial when it comes to boosting traffic and keeping your visitors engaged. Unless you are able to get everything designed yourself, you are very likely to have to choose between freelance web designer and a web design agency.

Making the choice between these two is never easy, so to help you out I have put up a list comparing the pros and cons of using either freelance web designer or a web design agency. The most important things to consider before starting your web design project are:

• Budget
• Resources needed
• Project deadline
• Ongoing support
• Risks


Budget is one of the main considerations when it comes to any web design project. If this is your top consideration when choosing between freelancer and an agency, then you should know that quite often using the services of freelance web designer are cheaper.

However, it’s important to note that there are no guarantees that the money you spend for freelance web designer, will help you truly get what you wanted. Furthermore, freelance web designers quite often seek help from external contractors and other freelancers when they are unable to complete a particular project. Having lots of different people work on your project, quite often turns out to be a disaster!

With web design agencies on the other hand, you are likely to pay more, but there you can truly get guarantee for your project. Most agencies own brick and mortar offices, where you can meet with their web designers and discuss every aspect of your web design job.

Resource Availability

Most of the freelance web designers tend to work alone or in a team with few partners, so they rarely have the resources to complete your web design project from start to finish i.e. from designing the website to filling it with great content.

A web design agency will quite often employ specialists from various fields and with their help you can get all important services regarding your web design project done in-house. That way with a single web design contract, you can cover all aspects of your project including content creation.

Web Design Evaluation

To get the best of your web design projects, you need to collect as many viewpoints as possible before making it live. That way you will have true knowledge of what people like on your website and what they doesn’t.

Since web design freelancers tend to work alone or in small teams, quite often you will receive only one viewpoint. This is quite insufficient when it comes to judging the quality of your web design project.

With web design agency, you will be able to get multiple viewpoints and creative ideas, simply by asking their employees and professional contacts to review your web design project.

Completion Speed

It’s pretty common for good freelance web designers to have multiple contracts with various customers going at once. Since most of the time the freelancers work alone, giving them extra work often results in missed delivery dates.

The web design agency will employ all of its resources to complete the project within the set deadlines. Furthermore, there will be project managers and team leaders, who will make the entire workflow a lot smoother. All this helps streamline the web design work and meet all client’s requirements.

Ongoing Support

After your web design project is complete, you are likely to need ongoing support. Most of the time the freelance web designers simply do not have the time to offer this service, so you might end up supporting your website 24/7 and learning various programming skills to deliver all necessary patches and updates.

Web design agencies offer low cost ongoing support, which will help you keep your website up-to-date and also solve all issues that occur on it. Sometimes, ongoing support for several months is also included in the initial quote for the web design project itself.

Risk Evaluation

The final thing you should consider before choosing between freelance web designer and a web design agency are the risks associated with each one of the options. Very often you will have to choose whether to send your money to someone at the other end of the world or simply pay the fee requested by your local web design agency.

Nowadays there are dozens of freelance websites, where you can lower the risks for your money when using freelance web designers. However, the risks of not receiving what you paid for and loosing contact with the freelancer are still there. If you have decided to go with freelance web designers, spend some time and carefully read the terms of the freelance platform you have chosen.

Web design agencies have their reputation at stake for every project. If they are unable to complete the project or cause delays without a reason, this is very bad for the agency’s authority. Furthermore, you are likely to have to sign an agreement with the web design agency stating their exact obligations for each aspect of your web design project.


Although there are dozens of highly skilled freelance web designers and multiple platforms you can use to start your project, it seems that quite often there are just too many risks related with using their services such as limited resources, lack of multiple viewpoints on design quality, lack of ongoing support and inability to meet deadlines.

With web design agencies, you are likely to spend more than with freelance web designers, but you will receive truly professional and complete service. Since most web agencies bet their reputation for every web design project, it’s easier to get guarantees and also ongoing support.

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